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All flavors and fillings are made with Apollo brand phyllo dough, sugar, unsalted butter, fillings as listed below, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom water, lemon juice.  Fillings may include one or more of the following as listed below:  almonds Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, walnuts, Nestlé's brand semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, white milk chips, dark chocolate chips, Reeses® peanut butter chips, cranberries, orange peel, blueberries, pineapple, raisins, coconut, bacon, and President's Choice brand mincemeat.


Each box contains an amount of crunchy and delicious squares as indicated.  Three size boxes will soon be available -- Own Box (2 pieces); Friends Box (4 pieces); Family Box (16 pieces).  The Family Box (16 pieces) is available for order online.  Order your box of Bitchin' Baklava today!

Classic Almond:  Almond nuts filling

Dark Choco-Chip Almond:  Almonds nuts and dark chocolate chips filling


Classic Cashew:  Cashew nuts filling

Reeses® & Cashew:  Cashew nuts  and Reeses® peanut butter chips filling


Classic Hazel Nut:  Hazel nuts filling

Milk Choco-Chip Hazel Nut:  Hazel nuts and milk chocolate chips filling


Classic Pecan Nut:  Pecan nuts filling

B-Scotch Chip Pecan Nut:  Pecan nuts and Butter Scotch Chip chips filling


Classic Walnut:  Walnuts filling

Semi Choco-Chip Walnut:  Walnuts and semi sweet chocolate chips filling

These are offered in 16pc, 4pc, 2pc, and custom packages.  Please call for a quote.

Aloha Oe:  Macadamia nuts with candied pineapple and coconut filling


Asia Peanut:  Peanuts with candied ginger and coconut filling

Cran-Wal-O:  Walnuts with candied orange peel and dried cranberry filling


PB&J:  Peanuts with Reeses® peanut butter chips, and gold and dark raisins filling    

Piggly Pecan:  Pecan nuts with golden raisins and bacon filling

Pistachio Party:  Pistachio nuts filling

Royal Rio:  Brazil nuts with coconut and dried cranberry filling



Happy New Year!!!:  Almonds, figs, candied lemon peel


Be My Valentine:  Pecans, raspberries, and dark chocolate


Luck of the IrishHazel nuts, milk chocolate chips, blueberries


Happy Easter:  Candied Jordan Almonds


Happy Mother's Day:  Pistachio nuts, strawberries, dark chocolate sprinkles


Happy Father's Day:  Dried white figs, walnuts, and seseme seeds


Red, White, & Blue 4th of July Celebration:  Almonds, cranberry, and blueberry filling


Happy Birthday to Chef Sausan:  Almonds, raisins, instant coffee


Fall Celebration:  Hazel nuts, banana chips, coconut flakes


Happy Hallowe'en:  Pecans, dark choco chips, candied orange peal


Happy Thanksgiving:  Pecans, candied ginger, dried cranberries


Christmas Yuletide Celebration:  President's Choice brand mincemeat filling

Classic Walnut & Semi Choco-Chip Walnut Combo:  1/2 Classic Walnut, 1/2 Semi-Sweet Choco-Chip 


Original 8 Flavors Classic & Chips Combo:  1/8 Classic Almond, 1/8 Dark Choco-Chip Almond, 1/8 Classic Cashew, 1/8 Reeses® & Cashew, 1/8 Classic Hazel Nut, 1/8 Milk Choco-Chip Hazel Nut, 1/8 Classic Walnut, 1/8 Semi Choco-chip Walnut


Classic & Chips Choose Your Own:  Your filling choices taken from Bitchin' Baklava offerings!  Must have at LEAST two or more of the same filling from any two or more choices from CLASSIC & CHIPS only.

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