B'B "Unique Desserts Bi-monthly Club" 16pc Gift Box

B'B "Unique Desserts Bi-monthly Club" 16pc Gift Box


1.  Cran-Wal-O:  Walnuts, dried cranberry, candied orange peel 

2.  Piggly Pecan:  Pecans with bacon bits from real bacon

3.  Pistachio-Cran:  Pistachio nuts, dried cranberry
4.  Almond Mocha:  Roasted almonds, milk chocolate chips, ground roasted coffee beans

5.  Asia Peanut:  Roasted peanuts, coconut, candied ginger

6.  Aloha Oe:  Macadamia nuts, coconut, candied pineapple

• One Gift Box lined with tissue papaer and sealed with a Gold Elastic Band with 16 pieces in cupcake liners mailed every 2 months as listed above for a total of six gift boxes.  As low as $45/box


You pay only first quarter's mailing/shipping cost.  We ship via USPS Flat Rates.


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