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Bitchin' Baklava Blog


Baklava can be enjoyed any time of the day, week, month, or year.  Just see how everyone enjoyed Bitchin' Baklava!  

Send us your picture of you enjoying your pieces of Bitchin' Baklava and we'll post it!

April 2014 - Inernational House at
U. C. Berkeley, California


I love displaying and selling my Bitchin' Baklava.  Here, on the left, are four young ladies you continued to sample the baklava -- it was complimentary.  And on my right, I'm standing with Lilian Koziol, Program Director at the International House at U. C. Berkeley,

Samples are GREAT!


This was my table at a sampling at Fallettis Market.  

Sold out that day!!

Catering for the Jewish Film Festival!


Trays for the Opening Night, July 23, 2015.  Do you have an event?  Call us!

Boxes of 4 for sale at the Carnival of Stars International Belly Dance Festival!


Sold out! August 4, 2015.  

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