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B'B Flavor-of-the-Month Club
Seasonal Monthly Bitchin' Box

$240 Bi-Annual Charge (As low as $40/ Month)

(6 Seasonal Boxes - regularly $50 each)

January - Happy New Year!

February - Valentine's Day

March - St. Patrick's Day

April - Earth Day

May - Mother's Day

June - Father's Day

July - Independence Day

August - Women's Equality Day

September - Labor Day

October - Hallowe'en Day

November - Thanksgiving Day

December - Christmas Day

  • Contains the Seasonal Flavor-of-the-Month

  • Sent out in consecutive months for six months

  • Each box contains 16 squares of the month's flavor

  • Baklava filling is always organic and all natural

  • FREE shipping - $13.60 one-time per order processing/handling charge

Classic Almond:  Almond nuts filling

Dark Choco-chip Almond:  Almond nuts &

     dark chocolate chips filling
Classic Hazel Nut:  Hazel nuts filling
Milk Choco-Chip Hazel Nut:  Hazel nut &

     milk chocolate chips filling
Classic Cashew:  Cashew nut filling
Reeses® & Cashew:  Cashew nuts and Reeses® peanut butter chips filling
Classic Walnut:  Walnut filling
Semi Choco-Chip Walnut:  Walnuts & semi

     sweet chocolate chips filling

  • Contains the 8 Original Flavors as listed above

  • Each box contains 16 squares; 2 of each flavor

  • Baklava filling is always organic and all natural

  • FREE shipping - $13.60 one-time per order processing/handling charge

B'B Flavor-of-the-Quarter Club
Original 8 Bitchin' Box

$160 Annual Charge (As low as $40/ Quarter)

(Original 8 Combo Box - regularly $45 each)


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