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Made with Basboosa sweet cake ingredients.

- NO fondant

- NO whipped cream

- NO flour base

- NO butter cream frostings


Ingredients:  Semolina, (cream of wheat), sugar, yogurt, and eggs baked in rounds and soaked in a flavored simple syrup when just out of the ove, then decorated with nut meats, dried fruit, candied peals, and/or specialty colored sugar granuel -- whatever your heart desires.


From $10 per serving.  Call for a quote.

Make your wedding unique and different!

WEDDING CAKES and MORE! - made with semolina!

Make your Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or Special Occasion a new and different experience!

Bitchin' Baklava personalized wedding party favors!

Looking for something different to give to your wedding guests?  Two squares of delicious baklava or basboosa in a box with a personalized label will tell your guests you're not traditional. Use any picture you want that makes your wedding party favor unique and personal!

Basboosa heart cut-outs for  your Wedding Day.

I am ordained to perform your wedding at no extra charge!  It's all legal.

Bitchin' Baklava Celabratory Cakes

Flavored Basboosa cakes.

Pictured:  Strawberry flavor topped with pistachio nuts

* Wedding favors.jpg
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