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Choose Your Fillings STARTING at $40

Choose Your Fillings STARTING at $40


Layered phyllo dough, sugar, unsalted butter, fillings as listed below, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom water, lemon juice.


FILLINGS:  Your choice.  Starts at $40 with one type of filling.  Each additional filling is $3.  Call 415-867-6754 for filling choices

• One Baking Tray and Plastic Dome Cover with 20 pieces

  • Details

    Your filling choices taken from Bitchin' Baklava offerings!
    Must have at LEAST two or more from any of the choices offered from the Options list.

  • Flavor and Filling

    Choose your own flavor and fillings.  Three are suggested for best flavor but it's totally up to you.

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