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Kunafa Dessert Party Tray

Kunafa Dessert Party Tray


Cream of wheat, sugar, eggs, yogurt, orange blossom water, lemon juice, pine nut or almond



Classic 20:  Approx. 2" x 2.25" squares, 20 per tray

Classic 30:  Approx. 1.75" 1.5" squares, 30 per tray

Finger Bites:  Approx. 1"x 2.25" rectangulars, 40 per tray

Pyramids:  Approx. 1/2 of a 2" x 2.25" squares cut diagnally, 40 per tray 

Classic 50:  Approx. 1.25" x 1.5" squares, 50 per tray

Baby Bites:  Approx. 1" x 1" squares, 60 per tray


(not pictured) 


• One 16" Round Party Tray and Plastic Dome Cover with pieces cut to desired size in cupcake liners.

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