Quarterly B'B Box (Annual - SAVE $40 S/H charges)

Quarterly B'B Box (Annual - SAVE $40 S/H charges)

Layered Apollo brand phyllo dough, sugar, unsalted butter, fillings as listed below, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom water, lemon juice

One box with 16 pieces
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    Eight Fillings!!! Delivered every three months!!
    Classic Almond: Almond nuts filling
    Dark Choco-chip Almond: Almond nuts & dark chocolate chips filling
    Classic Hazel Nut: Hazel nuts filling
    Milk Choco-Chip Hazel Nut: Hazel nut & milk chocolate chips filling
    Classic Cashew: Cashew nut filling
    Reeses® & Cashew: Reeses® peanut butter chips and cashew filling
    Classic Walnut: walnuts filling
    Semi Choco-Chip Walnut: Walnuts & semi sweet chocolate chips filling

    Save $40 in Shipping/Handling charges!

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