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B'B "Original 8" Flavor-of-the-Quarter Club Gift Box

B'B "Original 8" Flavor-of-the-Quarter Club Gift Box


Layered Apollo brand phyllo dough, sugar, unsalted butter, fillings as listed below, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossom water, lemon juice



1.  Classic Almond and Almonds with dark chocolate chips

2.  Classic Cashew and Cashew with Reeses® peanut butter chips
3.  Classic Hazel Nut and  Hazelnut with milk chocolate chips
4.  Classic Pecan and Pecan with butterscotch chips
5.  Classic Walnut and Walnut with Semi-sweet Choco-Chips 

• One Gift Box linded with tissue papaer and sealed with a Gold Elastic Band with 16 pieces, 2 of each of 4 flavors and fillings listed above, in cupcake liners mailed every four months.  As low as $40/box, regularly $45.


You pay only first quarter's mailing/shipping cost. We ship via USPS Flat Rates.

  • Details

    Eight Fillings!!! Delivered every three months!!
    Classic Almond: Almond nuts filling
    Dark Choco-chip Almond: Almond nuts & dark chocolate chips filling
    Classic Hazel Nut: Hazel nuts filling
    Milk Choco-Chip Hazel Nut: Hazel nut & milk chocolate chips filling
    Classic Cashew: Cashew nut filling
    Reeses® & Cashew: Reeses® peanut butter chips and cashew filling
    Classic Walnut: walnuts filling
    Semi Choco-Chip Walnut: Walnuts & semi sweet chocolate chips filling

    Save $40 in Shipping/Handling charges!
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